WCI utilizes the latest CAD software to aid in tooling design from prototype to production. WCI can work with customers on grey or black box designs. We can take an existing model and work with the customer to reduce weight, make casting efficiency changes and improve the manufacturability and end use value. Working with the customer early in the program is key to a successful launch not just for us as the supplier, but also for the end user. By working with the customer early in the product design stage, WCI  can design a part that will meet the customer requirements, be manufacturable to the process plan and have controlled cost launch success for all parties. 

We work to perform the VAVE activities prior to tool build. Our long-time history and experience with CAE enables us to have a 95% plus correlation rate of mathematical to actual casting results. We perform CAE mold flow and solidification on all casting designs and as a result have nearly 100% success rate of good first parts out of process.