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Why Work at Wabash Castings?

We are not a typical green-sand casting manufacturer

Our innovative facility provides an optimal work environment with some of the safest and cleanest working conditions. Employees will find opportunities for growth, promotion and the potential to build a career through the training received at Wabash Castings. Each employee is an integral part of our continuous improvement culture,  adding value to the safety, quality and delivery of our products.

aluminum sand casting
Foundry Furnace in Aluminum Sand Casting Manufacturing
Sand Castings Ladel Pouring Liquid Metal


  • Receive competitive wages and benefits.
  • Gain the potential to achieve a long-standing and rewarding career within Wabash Castings.
  • Play a role in manufacturing diverse products in an exciting and stable work environment.
  • Receive training and advance skills to grow professionally.
  • Be a part of a strong industry and a company that will only continue to grow in oncoming years, continuing to support the local economy.
  • Feel pride in your place of employment knowing you are a valued team member for the largest green sand-casting manufacturer in the region.

Our Impact

We take great pride in the role we play in a community so rich in history

For many families, working at Wabash Castings spans generations. We’re interlaced into family traditions, providing stability and instilling pride. Additionally, we make efforts to strengthen the community through partnerships and sponsorships, supporting the small-town charm that persists in Wabash, IN.

Open Positions

Many of our team members have been a part of the Wabash Castings family for over 25 years.

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